Furniture Repair & Touchup

I’ve been doing in the home furniture touchup and repair for fifty years. Not as a sideline but for the most part, four or five days a week, year after year, going into the customer’s homes and repairing nicked, scratched and gouged furniture. Most my work is servicing damage claims for the movers but very often, I’m called direct by the homeowner to provide my services.

In most instances, I’m able to fill-in the gouges, level the damage areas smooth and then spot refinish the area so that you practically cannot tell the item was ever damaged. The repair will look just like the original finish.

I specialize in repairing high gloss finishes and polyester finishes on pianos. Other than move damages there are often home accidents which leave the furniture in disrepair. Dogs chew up furniture legs, water spills and heat damage. Unfortunately, other service technicians drop their tools on your prized furniture and housekeepers crash the vacuum into the edge of the table top. Most of the time, I can correct these problems on an in the home service call.

There are always the loose joints on the dining and kitchen chairs, loose arms and broken drawers. These items must be reglued, rebuilt or refurbished. In my woodworking shop I have all the clamps and machinery to provide these services including making replacement parts.

Many customers bring these small projects to my workshop. Please call ahead for an appointment.

I started my career as an apprentice in an antique repair shop and then advanced onto journeyman work for a cabinet maker. Antique or modern, new or old; I am very qualified to repair all kinds of furniture.

I suggest sending photos of the repair project to my email address and I will promptly reply with my comments and approximate repair estimate. Shop hours are by appointment only.